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COVID-19 early release of super program ended on 31 December 2020. Applications for the early release of super closed at 11:59pm on 31 December 2020 (AEDT).

Delays are expected due to Christmas/New Year public holidays in processing applications. Please be patient during this time as the money may take longer than normal before it reaches your account.

For more information regarding processing times, please visit the ATO website.

Four things to consider if you're applying for early access of your super
Before making a decision, read our Early access to super fact sheet.

*Source: Cbus, 30 April 2020. The calculation is provided for illustration purposes only and is based on certain assumptions including, but not limited to, a starting balance of $60,000, salary of $70,000 and projected balance at retirement of $395,000. Retirement balances are presented in today's dollars which means they have been adjusted for inflation. Assumes administration fees of $104 (inflating at CPI) plus 0.19% of account balance per year, default insurance cover of 4 units (Manual), a 2.5% per year rise in CPI and a further 1% per year additional rise in living standards. Assumes investment returns of 5.75% under the default Growth (Cbus MySuper) option. Investment returns are based on the Cbus default investment options – Growth (Cbus MySuper) during accumulation and Conservative Growth during draw down. The annual retirement income figure is based on the Association of Superannuation Funds Australia (ASFA) Retirement Standard (March quarter 2020) annual modest lifestyle budget for a single person of $28,220. Past performance is not a reliable indicator of future performance. You should look at your own financial position, objectives and requirements before making any financial decisions.

Applying when you're not eligible


Before you apply for early access of your super, you need to check the eligibility criteria carefully and keep records that demonstrate your eligibility. If you apply and you're not eligible at the time of submitting your application, the ATO may take action against you.


If you are unable to demonstrate your eligibility when the ATO ask for evidence, they may revoke the determination issued for your application. This means the amount paid to you under early release of super will:


  • become assessable income
  • need to be included in your tax return and you will pay tax on the released amount.

If you provide false or misleading information you could face penalties of more than $12,000 for each false and misleading statement.

For examples of incorrect claims and details on how ATO verifies claims, visit the ATO website.

Reduction in minimum drawdown amount for income streams


The law requires pension members to draw a minimum income from their income stream account each financial year. Due to market volatility, this minimum has been halved for the current financial year and next financial year, ending 30 June 2021.



Your age New minimum payment
Under 65 2%
65 to 74 2.5%
75 to 79 3%
80 to 84 3.5%
85 to 89 4.5%
90 to 94 5.5%
95 and over 7%


It may not be a financially viable option for everyone to reduce their payments. But if you can temporarily reduce how much you receive for the next year or two, your savings will have more time to recover some of the investment losses experienced recently.


To change your income payments:

If you’re not already registered for online access, register here as a Cbus Super Income Stream member.

Reassess Centrelink Age Pension entitlements


One of the factors Centrelink uses to assess whether you qualify for the Age Pension is your income stream account balance. A lower account balance might result in an increase to Age Pension entitlements for some. Here's how you can reassess your Age Pension entitlements:


Step 1 - Get an updated Centrelink Schedule by:

Step 2 - Lodge the updated Schedule with Centrelink by:

  • logging into your myGov account, selecting Centrelink, and
  • following the instructions to upload your updated schedule.

Important: Consider how selecting a lower amount now could impact your upcoming payments. For example, you may not receive any more payments for the 2019/20 financial year if the payments you’ve already received add up to more than the new minimum drawdown amount. Please call us if you have any questions.

Investment markets and your super


We understand you may have a lot of questions about the impact of COVID-19 on your super. We have created a few videos to help answer some of your questions. You can view the entire Cbus YouTube playlist here. The video transcript of Kristian Fok's video below can be accessed here.

Contacting Cbus


We encourage you to visit our COVID-19 FAQ page to help answer some of your questions before contacting us.



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Keep your details and super safe

Beware of scams relating to COVID-19, especially when applying for early access to super. To apply for early access, ensure you apply directly via the myGov website.

Please remember that we’ll never email or text you to request personal information, financial information or a payment. If you believe you have sent any personal or financial information to a scam email address or entered it into a scam website and are worried that your identity may have been stolen, please call us on 1300 361 784, 8am to 8pm (AEST), Monday to Friday or email us atcbusenq@cbussuper.com.au.