Cbus' Unpaid Super Services


Unpaid super is a problem which leaves many Cbus members with much less to live on in retirement.  Each year close to $6b of superannuation payments go unpaid in Australia. The building and construction industry has a high incidence of non-payment and more than 40% of apprentices, labourers and machinery operators have unpaid super.1

Cbus provides Unpaid Super Services to assist members by helping to ensure they receive their superannuation payments. It also benefits businesses by encouraging a level playing field across employers in the industry, so they can compete fairly on price.

Communicating with our members

Cbus has created a member consent communication program to inform members about the fund’s Unpaid Super Services and provide members with an opportunity to opt out of their personal details being made available for this service.

Opt out consent campaigns have been used as an efficient and effective way for governments and organisations to educate and provide choice. Cbus is contacting members via mail, email or SMS and they can opt out in several ways: by phone, front counter, through a coordinator, email, online or by mail.

We will also be sending an SMS reminder to all members who receive a letter or email. If members change their mind, they can always opt in or opt out at any stage.

This will be fully effective from 1 July 2020.

Unpaid Super Services

We have a range of services to help Cbus members working in the building, construction and allied industries recover their unpaid super. One of these services includes allowing members to have their super contributions checked by their workplace delegate or by the union. This service provides a proactive, cost effective and timely method for Cbus members to get comfort that their super contributions have been paid.

The most commonly used service is an employer information request that provides limited aggregate contribution data for an employer (no personal member information is provided).

In addition, Cbus members who give their consent can have the status of their recent super contributions checked by a union delegate or official. This service has been offered via our Compliance Line telephone service for many years, and more recently through a trial of a similar digital service via the Super Payment Checker App in NSW and Victoria. The only information which is provided to facilitate this service is limited information about recent contributions received by Cbus.

Cbus also runs a communication program to remind businesses to make contribution payments and to follow up businesses where contribution payments are not made on time.

Who to contact if you have any queries?

Please contact your state-based Cbus Business Development Manager, Relationship Manager, or call us on 1300 361 784 if you have any further questions. View further information about the member communication.


1 Super Scandal: Unpaid Super Guarantee in 2016-17, ISA, May 2019.