Cbus Super Payment Checker App

Cbus has always been committed to helping our members ensure their superannuation entitlements are being paid correctly. Over the past few years, there has been a strong public focus on unpaid superannuation, with the ATO increasing its regulatory focus on the payment of Superannuation Guarantee (SG) obligations.

As part of fulfilling its Trustee obligations to members, Cbus has undertaken a range of activities to foster SG compliance over many years. These activities have included education and supporting our participating employers and providing a super payment checking service to Cbus Coordinators, Union Officials and Workplace Delegates through our Cbus Compliance Line telephone service.

We appreciate that employers generally meet their SG obligations, however unfortunately there are a small number of instances when this isn't the case. In order to protect your employees and our members, we are now offering a similar super payment checking service digitally via the Cbus Super Payment Checker App (App).

This App is password protected and subject to strict compliance and monitoring protections. The App allows Cbus Coordinators, Union Officials and Workplace Delegates to quickly scan a member's Cbus member card and assess whether an employer's super payment obligations and the individual member's super entitlements are up-to-date. Alternatively, it also enables a search of aggregate employer contribution information.

This App based service is focused on businesses operating on major worksites in the building, construction and allied industries. Cbus is currently trialling the App in Victoria and New South Wales and most of the users are Cbus Coordinators and Workplace Delegates who are employed by the business.

How does the Super Payment Checker App work?

The Cbus Super Payment Checker App has two functions:


1. Member Search

The users will ask a member for their consent to use the App and obtain their card and date of birth, to confirm their identity. By scanning the Cbus member card the App will show the following details:

  • Employer name and ABN
  • Payment amount
  • Payment type
  • Date received
  • Payment period

2. Employer Search

The following aggregate contribution information for your company is accessible by Cbus Coordinators, Union Officials and Workplace Delegates (subject to protections noted below):

  • Employer name, ABN, address and employer number
  • Number of Cbus members
  • Period contributions paid for and date received, for the last six months
  • Payment processing status
  • Aggregate contribution amounts

The Cbus Super Payment Checker App can help provide peace of mind to members on the spot, so they can focus on getting their job done.

Note: The use of the App is subject to a number of important protections including:
  • Only authorised users can access the App with training and ongoing monitoring of usage.
  • Unions must sign a Memorandum of Understanding, which covers the usage of information provided through the App and notes that access can be terminated if there is misuse.
  • Only limited employer and member information, along with aggregate contribution information, is available via the App to protect privacy.  Personal information is only provided via the App when permission is obtained from the member. 
  • Cbus has strict conditions of use of the App and conduct regular training and ongoing monitoring of usage to ensure compliance.