Cbus Super Payment Checker App

Making super payment checks quick and easy

Cbus has always been committed to helping members ensure their super payments are being paid correctly.

Underpayment of superannuation is a problem which impacts many Australians and particularly workers in the Construction and Building industry*. As you would probably be aware, the industry has a prevalence of insolvencies, contracting, casualisation of the workforce and a cash economy and all these factors can lead to unpaid super entitlements for members. In the last financial year, we recovered $99.6 million on behalf of members^. 

Introducing the Cbus Super Payment Checker App

For many years Cbus has provided a super checking service to Cbus Coordinators and Union Delegates through the Compliance Line. Now the same service will be offered online via the Cbus Super Payment Checker App. Using this password protected app, Cbus Coordinators and Union Delegates can quickly scan a member card or search an employer account to indicate whether the member’s super payments are up-to-date.

The App is being trialled in Victoria and New South Wales.

How it works

The Cbus Super Payment Checker App has two functions:

1. Member Search via Scan

2. Employer Search


1. Member Search via scan

The Cbus Coordinator/Union Delegate asks the member for their card. The member provides their date of birth to confirm their identity. The app shows the following details:

  • Employer name and ABN
  • Payment amount
  • Payment type
  • Date received
  • Payment period

2. Employer Search

The Cbus Coordinator/Union Delegate can also search for aggregate employer contribution information.

This information will include:

  • Employer name, ABN, address and employer number
  • Number of members
  • Period contributions paid for and date received, for the last six months
  • Payment processing status
  • Aggregate contribution amounts

The use of the app is subject to a number of important protections including:

  • Only authorised users are able to access the app with ongoing monitoring of usage.
  • Unions must sign a Memorandum of Understanding, which covers the usage of information provided through the app and notes that access can be terminated if there is misuse.
  • Only limited employer and member information, along with aggregate contribution information, is available via the app to protect privacy.  No personal information will be provided. Cbus has strict conditions of use of the app and conduct regular training and ongoing monitoring of usage to ensure compliance.


The Cbus Super Payment Checker app provides peace of mind to members on the spot, so they can focus on getting their job done.

* Superbad – Wage theft and non-compliance of the Superannuation Guarantee, Parliament of Australia report 2 May 2017

^ https://www.cbussuper.com.au/super/consolidate-or-find-my-super#unpaid