Cbus members build Property and Infrastructure into their portfolio

15 June 2015

For the first time an industry superannuation fund will offer members the opportunity to choose managed investments in property and infrastructure with transparency at the member level over value, income and tax.

The managed investment capability gives Cbus the flexibility to offer specialist investment options to members in an efficient manner.

The property and infrastructure options are a significant enhancement to the Cbus Self Managed platform which will give eligible members the opportunity to invest in large scale assets that they would not have access to as an individual investor.

From 22 June 2015 Cbus Self Managed members will be able to invest in:

  • Cbus Self Managed Property – a diversified, professionally managed portfolio of listed and unlisted commercial property such as office, retail and industrial.
  • Cbus Self Managed Infrastructure – a portfolio of listed and unlisted infrastructure holdings managed by experienced infrastructure managers. Infrastructure assets include roads, airports, and ports.

Cbus CEO, David Atkin, said "Real assets resonate with our members who are involved in building and construction right across Australia. I am pleased that the Cbus team, together with our partners have been able to bring this new solution to life."

Cbus Self Managed members will be able to buy and sell units in the property and infrastructure options four times a year during a trading window at the end of the quarter. The first trading window will open on 22 June and will close on 29 July.

These managed investment options will be unitised with transparency at the member account level of capital gain, income and taxation. Additional capability scheduled for later in the year will enable members to transfer the options from super to pension without the need to sell down and with potential capital gains tax benefits.

In September 2014 Cbus launched the Self Managed investment option designed for Fund members who wished to take control in constructing their own superannuation strategy and investment portfolio. In doing this the fund was moving with market and consumer expectations, by offering some of the control and flexibility elements of self managed funds while providing the benefits of an industry super fund.

"We understand that for the vast majority of Cbus members they expect the Fund to manage their superannuation and will want to stay in the default Growth (Cbus MySuper) or other standard investment options" said Mr Atkin.

"However, we want to ensure there are appropriate investment vehicles for all members; these new options will cater to those who want a greater say in managing the spread of their investments."

Notes about Cbus Self Managed (CSM)

CSM gives members the flexibility to make their own investment decisions in relation to:

  • largest 300 shares on the Australian Stock Exchange
  • term deposits from ME and NAB
  • index exposures to International share markets, Australian share market, and bonds through Exchange Traded Funds managed by Vanguard, iShares and SPDR (Blackrock)
  • high yield transaction account invested with ME Bank
  • managed investments in property and infrastructure assets.

Members are also able to access news and market information and charting and broker research.

Find out more about Cbus Self Managed.