Gender equality a priority for Cbus

4 September 2017

Speaking to Cbus staff on Equal Pay Day, CEO David Atkin said that the Fund is proud to have slashed the gender pay gap by around 68% over the past five years; however, a comprehensive set of policies to address gender equality in all aspects of the business would drive action to meet the 0% target.

“Cbus takes gender equality seriously,” Mr Atkin said.

“Across all aspects of the Fund from the way we recruit to the way we invest; gender quality is a priority for Cbus. At Cbus we do our best and achieve the best for our members when men and women have access to the same opportunities.”

“Taking action to address inequality whether it be in remuneration or representation is a priority.”

Mr Atkin said that the Financial Services Industry remains male dominated, reflected in the outrageous gender pay gap of 33%1 - more than double the average gender pay gap - noting that the sector needed to be doing more to improve outcomes.

“Active steps to improve diversity and equality are not only about doing the right thing, gender equality improves organisational performance and economic outcomes,” Mr Atkin said.

As a WGEA Pay Equity Ambassador, Mr Atkin has signed the pledge that encourages all Ambassadors to continue to make decisions that drive fairness in the workplace.

“To achieve pay equity we have sought to address like-for-like gender pay gaps by eliminating gender bias in the way we address remuneration decisions,” Mr Atkin said.

“We believe that remaining diligent allows us to attract and retain the best people and reflects our strategic vision to be recognised as an employer of choice."

Cbus is a Flex Able Certified employer with Diverse City Careers and we actively partner with them to promote inclusion and diversity in our own workplace and industry.


Media contact: James Bennett 0410 142 435

1 Workplace Gender Equality Agency Data