Super hub

The Cbus Super hub offers free, downloadable resources that inform and support employees in their workplace.


Our bite-sized topics include information about superannuation, insurance, retirement, and advice for Cbus members. Super Hub offers workplace posters and fliers, forms and fact sheets for you to use as you like, and help keep your employees up-to-date with their super.

Industry Insights handbook

Cbus presents the 2016-17 construction and building report, featuring insights and trends for the Australian market plus great information about super for businesses.

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Download the FY17 Industry insights handbook (PDF) to keep up to date with the latest trends in your industry.

Advice with Cbus

Did you know that Cbus members can get access to advice services through their super fund? Here is some useful information about the Cbus Advice services available to help members during their working life and in retirement.

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Advice Brochure

The Advice Brochure (PDF) explains the 3 easy ways that Cbus can provide advice to members at different life stages.

Advice Poster

Print out this Advice Poster (PDF) to put up at your workplace, to make sure Cbus members know the advice services they can access through their super fund.

Getting ready to retire

Retirement is a milestone that we all face, and while it should be a time of celebration and relaxation - the thought of retirement can also be daunting. That's why Cbus offers tailored products and advice services to help during this time.

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Retirement Standards Summary

The ASFA Retirement Summary (PDF) report is a helpful tool to estimate how much retirement savings you may need as a couple or an individual.

Getting ready for retirement

The Cbus Retirement Fact Sheet (PDF) explains the Cbus products and services that could be useful as you plan for your retirement.

How to access your super while you're still working

The Cbus Transition to Retirement (PDF) strategy can help members gradually move into retirement and get the most out of their super. This fact sheet explains how it works.

Insurance for members

Cbus members can access affordable insurance cover as part of their super with Cbus, because hard hats can only protect you so much. Best of all, the insurance premiums are paid out of your super, not your take home pay.

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Cbus Insurance Poster

Print out this Insurance Poster (PDF) to put up around your workplace and worksite, sharing the important insurance cover information with Cbus members.

The Insurance Handbook

The Death and TPD insurance handbook for Industry Super (PDF) explains the Death and TPD insurance available to members who are receiving super contributions from an employer.


The Income Protection insurance handbook for Industry Super (PDF) explains the Income Protection cover available to members working in Professional and Non-manual occupations.  

Increasing your insurance cover

Industry and Personal Super members can use this Application form (PDF) to increase their Death and TPD cover with Cbus.


Industry Super members in Professional and Non-manual occupations can use the Application to vary Income Protection cover (PDF) to increase their Income Protection cover.

Super for apprentices

If you’re starting out in the workforce, super’s probably the last thing on your mind. There are some quick things you can do now though which can make a massive difference later on. Here is some useful information for apprentices.

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Apprentice Super Fact Sheet

An overview of what super is, why it’s important – and how Cbus can help if you have any questions. Email or print out some copies of this Apprentice Fact Sheet (PDF) to give your apprentices.

Apprentice Co-Contribution Brochure

The information in this Co-contribution Brochure (PDF) can help Apprentices boost their super balance thanks to the Government Co-Contribution; an extra payment from the government into the super account for eligible Apprentices.