Members and employers to benefit as Cbus Super confirms continued partnership with Link Group


Cbus Super, the leading super fund for the building, construction and allied industries, today confirmed that it will extend its partnership with Link Group to provide member and employer administration services for the $54bn fund, its 774,000 members and 157,000 employers*.

Cbus Group Executive Member and Employer Experience, Marianne Walker said, “We are pleased to continue our partnership with Link Group, and have emphasised a strategic focus in the agreement, which is underpinned by enhancing benefits for members and employers as the key to success.”

Services will include core administration requirements, as well as an increased level of system integration, innovation, data supply and security services.

Marianne Walker said, “The administration contract is one of the most important strategic partnerships that Cbus has. Link Group has significant experience with managing administration services for Cbus and other industry super funds and we are pleased to reappoint them.”

Cbus and Link Group emphasised strengthened service levels offered by Cbus and supported by Link Group, as key determinants to the successful negotiation. The uplift included in the new agreement will support Cbus on its journey to advance both member and employer experience and its service strategy.

Key elements of the agreement include continued, structured and consistent engagement between the parties and a commitment to delivery on rich data provisioning improvements, which are critical to Cbus’ strategic and operational objectives.

Link Group will also partner with Cbus on its journey of continued improvement for member and employer experience, with supporting systems, process and data integration. Processes and systems will be created to support Cbus’ scale and growth and Link Group will look to continuously improve services, efficiencies and costs, while managing risk for Cbus members and employers.

Marianne Walker said, “We look forward to partnering with Link Group to boost efficiency and cost benefits and ensure ongoing confidence in value for members and employers.

“We have built a strong forward planning capability into the partnership, which includes intelligent reporting and timely access to fund data to enable better outcomes for members. The relationship is continuing to evolve to a strategic partnership that ensures the best outcomes are delivered to members.”

Link Group welcomed the extended partnership, saying it looked forward to the continued delivery of customer-centric experiences to Cbus members and employers.

Dee McGrath, Chief Executive Officer, Retirement & Superannuation Solutions, Link Group said, “We’re delighted with this latest milestone in our longstanding partnership with Cbus. Building on our strong, existing strategic partnership, Cbus’ members and employers will experience the full benefit of our market leading technological capability and product innovation. This will ensure a consistent, improved and tailored experience, and we look forward to enhancing our successful relationship with Cbus to support them in delivering on their future growth strategy.


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figures at 30 June 2020

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