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As Australia’s largest super fund for the building, construction and allied industries, we’re built for you. We invest in property projects across the country, creating jobs for all of us.
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Get your super working with strong, long-term performance.

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Plan ahead to enjoy the investment of a lifetime.

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Easily manage your super obligations online.

Average return^ per annum
over the last 32 years
Cbus Property has created over
direct jobs*

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Market reaction to US election

How investment markets have reacted to the US election and changes we have made to the target portfolios.

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Face-to-face service coming to WA

From 5 December, our WA members and employers will have access to our front counter face-to-face service.

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Introducing the Cbus Employer smartphone app

Cbus is the first super fund to launch a smartphone app to help small businesses manage their super payments and responsibilities as an employer.

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Expect your 2016 statement from mid-October

You’ll notice some changes that make it easier to see how your super’s going.

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Cbus Annual Integrated Report 2016 – Built for life

Cbus creates value through long-term, responsible investment; assisting employers; and partnering members throughout their working and post-working life.

Watch our video and read our full report

Unpaid super contributions collected July-September 2016

We've collected over $11.4 million in unpaid super contributions for our members in the last quarter.

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Explaining share market volatility

Our latest video helps to explain what volatility is and what it means for someone invested for the long term in a super or retirement income account.

Watch the share market volatility video

Compare my super growth

See the difference to your account balance of being with Cbus, instead of the average retail super fund, for the past ten years.

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Get your super together

It’s quick and easy to find lost super and consolidate your funds. And keeping your super in the one account can save you money on fees.

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