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When choosing an income stream for your retirement, it's important to compare all the fees and costs, as they’ll impact on how long your money will last.

Fees and costs

Type of fee Amount How and when paid
Entry/joining fee nil n/a
Investment fee nil n/a. See information below about the indirect cost ratio for each investment option.
Administration fee

$2 per week


0.08% of your account balance (capped at $640 per year)

Deducted from your account each month or if you fully exit the Fund during the year.
Exit fee $35 Paid from the benefit on full withdrawal of your account.
Financial Planner Payments Up to $7,000 per financial year, as negotiated Deducted from your account after the financial advice is provided. See eligibility criteria.
Partial withdrawal fee $20 Deducted from your account if you draw a lump sum payment (commutation) that is additional to your regular income payments.
Indirect cost ratio (financial year 2016/17)1

Transition to Retirement option (estimate)2

High Growth – 0.79% pa

Growth – 0.70% pa

Conservative Growth (default) –  0.48%pa

Conservative – 0.36% pa

Cash Savings – 0.21% pa

Fully Retired option

High Growth: 0.79% pa

Growth: 0.71% pa

Conservative Growth (default): 0.48% pa

Conservative: 0.36% pa

Cash savings: 0.21% pa

The amount is not directly deducted from your account but is adjusted from the investment returns.  

It is directly deducted from the gross investment returns before Cbus declares its crediting rates - either at the end of the financial year or when you withdraw your money.

See below for information on the costs that make up the Indirect Cost Ratio. 

Investment switching fee nil n/a

Family law requests

Fees charged for any family law requests for information and family law payment splits

Request for information: $100

Payment split: $80

Paid by cheque at the time of request.

Paid from the benefit amount to be split at the time of the payment split. 

1 The indirect cost ratio is estimated at 30 June each year and may change from year to year. The figures for the Fully Retired option are for the 2016/17 financial year.

2 The Transition to Retirement investment options commenced on 1 July 2017. This is an estimate based on the 2016/17 financial year.

Indirect cost ratio

The indirect cost ratio (ICR) represents the indirect costs incurred in managing the fund and your investment. This percentage amount is deducted from the investment returns of the fund assets before the crediting rate is determined. It includes the costs to invest fund assets, establishing and maintaining fund reserves and the Trustee’s costs to run the fund as a whole.

The cost to manage your Cbus Super Income Stream investments and how they impact your account depends on the type of investment option you select. They are different for each investment option as they include the indirect fees and costs associated with the investment management of the types of assets in the investment option.

Cbus Self Managed fees and costs

See the Cbus Self Managed investment guide (PDF) for details of fees and costs. 

Further reading

You can read more about super income stream fees and costs by clicking on the link below.

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