Our performance 2016

Superannuation returns

Growth (Cbus MySuper) default option

Returns over the last 3 years for Growth (Cbus MySuper) default option
Super Income Stream returns

Conservative Growth default option

Returns over the last 3 years for Conservative Growth SIS default option
Cbus Property returns


Returns over the last 1, 5, 7, 10 and 32 years for Cbus Property

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We know the work we do every day has a real impact on the amount of money our members will retire with.

With transparency and accountability, our Annual Report shows how we continue to create value for them.

Since 2013, Cbus has been part of the Global Pension Network for Integrated Reporting ensuring our reporting framework articulates strategy and drives performance.

We introduced the GRI G4 framework to effectively report our sustainability impacts and performance.