Annual Report 2023

Building stronger foundations

Our members are the foundation and future of our fund and trust us to look after their retirement savings.  As a profit-for-member industry super fund, we aim to deliver the best possible retirement outcome for our members.  This year we extend our commitment to EISS Super members as they join the Cbus family.

Our performance

We are delighted to deliver a healthy return of 8.95%* for our Growth (MySuper) investment option for the last financial year despite challenging economic conditions. Superannuation is a long-term investment and Cbus remains strongly positioned to continue to grow and deliver benefits for members.
Strong returns over the long term^
^Average annual return over the last 39 years.
As at 30 June 2023
Jobs created by Cbus Property
direct jobs

Annual Report 2023

Our members are at the heart of everything we do and the decisions we make are designed to provide them with best possible retirement.

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Together with the Cbus Annual Integrated Report we have provided more detailed information about Cbus and our investments in our supplements.
Stakeholder Engagement and Materiality

Our approach to Engagement and Materiality (PDF)

GRI Standards Content Index

Our reported GRI Standards (PDF)

Creating value for members for 39 years

At Cbus, our members are our primary stakeholders, and we create value for them by delivering strong investment returns, tailored insurance, education, advice, and support services. We work with sponsoring organisations, unions, employers, and regulators, who also have an aligned interest in ensuring our members are looked after.

We also believe that transparancy and integrity are at the heart of delivering value and these are some of the ways we achieve that:

Annual Member Meeting

View details of our Annual Members' Meeting

Modern Slavery Statement

The Modern Slavery Statement explains the work undertaken by Cbus Super and Cbus Property throughout the year in assessing, identifying and mitigating modern slavery risk in our operations, investments, and supply chains.

View Modern Slavery Statement 2023 (PDF)


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*Based on the crediting rate, which is the return minus investment fees, the percentage-based admin fee and taxes. Excludes weekly administration fees. Past performance is not a reliable indicator of future performance.

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