Who we are

We’re a proud Industry Super Fund, representing those who help shape Australia.

Our story

Forty years ago, workers in the construction industry, with the leadership of their unions, had a bold vision to secure superannuation as an industrial entitlement. 

Their vision became a reality through a historic campaign. The product of their hard work was the establishment of Cbus. This paved the way for the legislation of superannuation so that generations on, every Australian worker can hope to retire with dignity.

Building the future

2024 marks our 40th anniversary. The fight for super for building and construction workers led to the formation of Cbus and 40 years of super benefits for members.

Today, we are an award-winning fund, proud to have our specialised services and commitment to responsible investment recognised.

We have a strong connection to our members as we are all part of something that’s made a difference.

Honouring the past

In 1984, Cbus Super, then known as the Building Unions Superannuation Scheme, was established by workers for workers.

It wasn’t just about money. It was about fairness, helping workers achieve a dignified retirement after a lifetime of work in the building and construction industries.

Memories from the frontline

Long-time Cbus Super member Nick Fodor chats about the fund's remarkable growth and the initial hurdles after Cbus Super was established in 1984. He says, “Convincing workers about superannuation was tough, but their trust in us truly paid off.”


Shaping today

From humble beginnings with members contributing $9 a week, Cbus Super now serves over 920,000 members and manages $94 billion of their money (as of 30 June 2024). For many of our members their Cbus is as important a part of their working life as their hard hats and boots. Cbus stickers and banners are proudly displayed at worksites across Australia.

Cbus has a unique bond with our members industries. And this flows through to our investments. Our fully-owned entity, Cbus Property1 is a highly awarded, regarded and successful commercial, residential and retail developer. We contribute to job creation, community development, and significant renewable energy projects. Investments like Star of the South demonstrate our leadership in Australia’s offshore wind sector.

Each investment we make is a strategic step forward, advancing both Cbus Super and the futures of our members who help shape our nation. We collaborate with government and industry groups, striving for the best outcomes in the evolving super landscape. Our broad range of sponsoring organisations and partners, sourced from unions and employer associations, reflects the diverse interests of our members and employers. These include:



Australian Council of Trades Unions



Communications, Electrical, Electronic, Energy, Information, Postal, Plumbing and Allied Services Union of Australia



Australian Manufacturing Workers Union



Construction, Forestry, Maritime, Mining and Energy Union



Australian Workers Union



Master Builders Association

Towards the future

Recently, a significant chapter in Cbus Super’s history unfolded with our merger with super funds Media Super and EISS. This expansion represents a blending of histories, strengths, and ambitions, creating a new chapter of opportunities.

As we near the milestone of nearly 40 years, Cbus Super remains committed to key objectives. These include increasing our investments in sustainable infrastructure and guaranteeing that our members’ hard-earned money continues to work hard for them in retirement.

1 Cbus Property Pty Ltd is a wholly-owned entity of Cbus Super and is responsible for the development and management of a portfolio of Cbus Super’s property investments.