When it comes to superannuation, we've got everything you need to invest wisely for retirement

We offer a history of strong, long-term performance, smart ways to boost your super and insurance policies to keep you covered. We’ll help get your super really working for you.

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How super works

How super can set me up for the future

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Take good care of your superannuation by choosing how your money is invested.

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Putting extra into super

Make extra contributions to maximise your super for the long-term.

Average annual return^ over the last 39 years
As at 30 June 2023 for the Growth (MySuper) option
Cbus Property has created over
direct jobs*

Insurance in super

Having the right insurance means you can rest easier. You and those closest to you will be looked after. And at the end of the day, that's what really matters.

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Consolidate or find my lost super

It's quick and easy to find lost super and consolidate all your funds.

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Understanding market volatility

Our video helps to explain what volatility is and what it means for someone invested for the long term in a super or retirement income account.

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April investment update

Read about superannuation performance and market movements in the latest investment update.

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MySuper product dashboard

The product dashboard enables you to view the fees, risk and performance of our default investment option, Growth (MySuper), in a format that is comparable with other fund’s product dashboards.

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Your Future Your Super Member Impacts

Find out about the Your Future Your Super (YSYF) legislation including what ‘stapling’ means for you.

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