Cbus Super wins IGCC Climate Award

Cbus Super is proud to be awarded Outstanding Initiative by an Asset Owner at the Investor Group Climate Change (IGCC) Climate Awards.

Cbus has been recognised by the IGCC for our innovative in-house modelling to support the Fund’s climate commitments.

The purpose of this work by Cbus is to:

  • Reduce emissions in the Cbus portfolio by 45% by 2030 with the ultimate objective of achieving net zero emissions by 2050;
  • Protect and enhance members’ retirement savings while reducing absolute carbon emissions in the real world; and
  • Identify opportunities for investment in the new energy economy.

Kristian Fok, Cbus Chief Investment Officer said, “We thank the IGCC for recognition of this in-house initiative to meet the Fund’s climate commitments. This work has enabled Cbus to take ownership of the climate transformation required across our portfolio. This includes tracking progress against our targets, identifying key assets, sectors or investments at risk of not transitioning and identifying investment opportunities that could benefit from a new energy economy.”

“The work provides a forward-looking trajectory of how our emissions should move each year, giving us the ability to identify and adjust when progress is insufficient.”

“It’s tremendous recognition for our Investment team. Cbus chose to undertake this work internally, and it has rapidly accelerated our in-house capabilities. It highlights the importance of building internal capability and expertise so that climate change becomes an integrated part of the investment decision- making process. It gives us flexibility to respond to the speed and quantum of technology and policy development, both of which continue to evolve and are key drivers of the transition to a low carbon economy.”

“And it’s recognition of the benefits of this work for our members. More informed investment decisions lead to stronger returns and protect members against the holding of assets that are at risk of declining in value.”

Find out more about Cbus Super’s responsible investment policy.

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