Cbus Super puts $500 million on the table to support National Housing Accord

Cbus Super, Australia’s leading blue collar superannuation fund, will commit up to half a billion dollars over five years to support the construction of new social and affordable homes through the Housing Australia Future Fund (HAFF) as part of the National Housing Accord.

Cbus Super CEO, Justin Arter said the fund is a pioneer in the financing of non-market housing and the commitment to the National Housing Accord was an extension of the fund’s leadership in the sector, “We have worked with the National Housing Finance and Investment Corporation (NHFIC) since 2018 to help develop financing models that deliver for Cbus member returns and also deliver affordable financing for Community Housing Providers (CHPs).

“NHFIC’s work has been an incredible success and we are determined to help supercharge the financing of new social and affordable housing across the country.

“Of course, Cbus Super’s commitment is subject to the finalisation of commercial terms for the HAFF, but we are confident of reaching terms that will be in the best financial interest of Cbus Super members while unleashing billions in new funding for community housing projects.”

Fund Chair Wayne Swan said Cbus Super’s commitment to the National Housing Accord aligned closely with the fund’s deep connection to the construction industry, “Our commitment to the housing sector is part of our fund’s DNA.

“Cbus Super is a seasoned and long-term investor in the property sector, and we have supported developments right along the housing continuum.

“We believe that investing through the HAFF will meet the best financial interests of our members, particularly those members requiring a steady stream of income during retirement or as part of a more conservative accumulation product.”

Cbus Super Deputy Chief Investment Officer, Brett Chatfield said Cbus Super would continue to engage closely with government and NHFIC to ensure the success of Housing Australia Future Fund, “The introduction of the NHFIC Bond Aggregator four years ago was a significant innovation in affordable housing finance in Australia.

“This new fund, if we can get the settings right, will be an even greater leap forward for the provision of social and affordable housing.

“The early work of NHFIC has shown that we can align financial returns for our members with an affordable financing stream for CHPs. We are excited to see that work built upon and supercharged.”


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