Cbus wins Chant West’s Best Fund Integrity and Best Specialist Fund


Cbus is honoured to win the awards for Best Fund Integrity and Best Specialist Fund at the 2021 Chant West Super Fund Awards.

The awards recognised Cbus as the fund that is doing the right thing by their members and the fund that is best at providing benefits and services appropriate for members with unique or specialised needs.

Justin Arter, Cbus CEO said, “After such an unprecedented year, we are delighted to receive this acknowledgment of the Fund’s integrity and our specialised services. It’s tremendous recognition for Cbus’ Investment and ESG principles, our member-focus during Covid, and advocacy for our members’ insurance – so vital for our members in hazardous occupations.

“We thank Chant West for recognising the highly specialised and bespoke nature of our fund and for the acknowledgement of Cbus’ outstanding work as the leading Industry Super Fund for the building, construction and allied industries.

“We were also thrilled to be shortlisted in the top three for Best Fund: Investments. Chant West spoke highly of our serious investment capability and growing internal capabilities, alongside our Cbus Property strengths. Cbus is the fund that links our members with our investment practices and supports job creation across our sector.

“The focus of this year’s Chant West awards has been resilience. It’s an acknowledgement of Cbus’ strong focus on our members and our integrity and fortitude throughout the past year of the pandemic. It’s why Cbus is one of the most trusted funds in the country.”

The awards noted many of Cbus’ recent achievements in regard to integrity and specialist fund services:
  • Cbus’ advocacy for members to achieve the Dangerous Occupation Exemption under the Putting Members’ Interests First (PMIF) legislation. Cbus advocated strongly for members under age 25 to keep their default cover, and succeeded. (This has preserved vital insurance cover for 130,400 building and construction workers since it was implemented in April 2020);
  • The supportive work of Cbus’ team of Coordinators, visiting worksites during Covid-19 to help members with their super. Despite Covid-19, there were 15,000 one-on-one interactions with members in the workplace and 3,000 group interactions;
  • Cbus’ member services and innovations assisting members with broken work patterns and different employers. Our app allows members to access their Fund wherever they are working, and the Fund’s contribution collection process recovered $100 million of unpaid super in the year ending 30 June 2020;
  • Cbus’ best practice approach to incorporating ESG principles across our portfolios and investment decision making processes;
  • Cbus’ diverse and active portfolio holdings for major asset classes, including holdings across a wide range of asset classes including fixed interest and alternatives;
  • Cbus’ Annual Integrated Report, the ‘excellent’ annual report clearly establishes how the fund is delivering to members across a wide range of areas.
Cbus was also a finalist in the following categories:
  • Super Fund of the Year
  • Best Fund: Investments (shortlisted)
  • Pension Fund of the Year
  • Best Fund Member Services.

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