Cbus insurance is designed for workers in building and construction

Cbus is concerned because the Government wants to change super laws that could see workers new to the industry ‘stapled’ to a fund that won’t give them insurance that covers dangerous work.

What is stapling?

It’s a Government plan that would keep you in your first super fund, unless you choose another.  If the legislation passes, a worker new to the industry, who doesn’t choose a super fund, would have super contributions from their employer paid to their first super fund.  Your first fund might have worked for you when you worked in a pub or shop, but it might not have the insurance you need as a building and construction worker. The plan could put workers in building and construction at risk of not having insurance that will cover them.

What does this mean for you?

If you have insurance cover with Cbus, it is designed for your job. If the change goes through, workers new to your site and the sector would be kept in their first super fund from their first job (unless they choose another fund). They would be at risk of not having insurance that covers them for their new job.

What’s the difference with Cbus?

Most funds exclude cover for dangerous working conditions, whereas Cbus provides automatic insurance cover to members in the manual occupation category. Having access to automatic insurance is fundamental for members working with heavy machinery and working from heights. At the moment when you work on a building site you could be in Cbus. That means you get insurance that is tailored to your industry.

Cbus is seeking an exemption to the ‘stapling’ proposal for workers in dangerous industries. We want to ensure that every building and construction worker is covered. This is consistent with the exemption obtained from the ban on default insurance for under 25s in 2019 (in effect since 1 April 2020).

Jenny and Cbus member Jesse

Jesse didn’t know he had insurance and when he couldn’t work anymore, because of a heart problem, Rick from Cbus let him know he was covered.                                                                                                                    

For further information, please  download our PDF.

Shannon's insurance story

Cbus member Shannon injured his spine when he fell as a result of an anxiety attack. He is now in a wheelchair. Without the insurance payout he received from his TPD claim, Shannon says he and his family would have lost everything.

More on Government plans to change your super

The government is not just planning to make changes to insurance 

We have concerns with other aspects of the Your Future Your Super legislation and have put forward 15 recommendations that will make the package fairer and more effective. You can see our submission to the government here.


What you can do: 

  • Talk about this at your workplace
  • Make sure you and your mates are not paying for insurance that won’t fully cover you in the event of an accident 
  • Talk to your Cbus coordinator or union delegate
  • Speak to Cbus today to ensure that you aren’t paying for insurance that doesn’t fully cover you. 


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