Investing for members

As one of Australia's leading industry funds, we're here to benefit our members

The Fund has a history of investing back into our community – supporting industries that are important to our members and creating better retirement outcomes. By acting as a direct investor on our members’ behalf, the Fund is a provider of significant capital to businesses around Australia. This funding will help to strengthen the Australian economy and may drive higher returns for our members. 

Investing in the real economy

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We have invested in several wind and solar energy opportunities in Australia and overseas and we are working with governments and our industry partners to identify further opportunities to invest in Australia’s energy transition. Examples include our investments in Star of the South, Australia’s most advanced offshore wind project, and Bright Energy Investments.

IFM Net Zero Infrastructure Fund

We have committed to the IFM Net Zero Infrastructure Fund which is focused on infrastructure investments that accelerate the world’s transition to a net zero economy and is aligned with the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

Forth Ports

We invest in Forth Ports, an owner and operator of eight commercial ports across the United Kingdom. With seven ports in Scotland and one in London, Forth Ports benefits from locations close to the North Sea oil and gas reserves, and access to the English Channel. Offshore wind also presents a major opportunity for its Scottish ports as construction and servicing work for new offshore wind farms is expected to be supported by Scottish harbours for years to come.

Social and affordable housing

We have a long history in advocating for and investing in social and affordable housing. We’re currently one of the largest individual supporters of Housing Australia’s bond issuances. These investments not only support new home developments for vulnerable Australians, they support the economy through job creation and deliver strong risk-adjusted returns for our members.


Learn more about our investments in the real economy (PDF).

Investing in our members' industries

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Cbus is unique in that we take a direct interest in the industries in which our members work.

Cbus Property

Cbus Property is a wholly-owned entity of Cbus Super, and is responsible for the development and management of a portfolio of Cbus Super's property investments. These investments in residential and commercial construction deliver strong long-term returns whilst also adding value to the economy and creating employment opportunities for our members across a range of industries.


A recent example is 83 Pirie St in Adelaide, South Australia. Completed in late 2022, this A-grade commercial building spans 30,000 square metres across 22 levels and is one of the largest commercial office developments in South Australia. The Government of South Australia’s Department for Infrastructure and Transport (DIT) is the anchor tenant.


83 Pirie Street offers large, flexible floorplates, premium end-of-trip facilities and a multipurpose wellness and conference centre for on-site activities and events. Another signature design element is the landscaped rooftop terrace, which captures views of the Adelaide Hills to the east. It also achieved a Platinum WELL v2 pilot pre-certification.


Learn more about Cbus Property.

Fulcrum Media Finance

We also support members in the print, media, entertainment and arts industries, and we are helping to bring entertainment to the big screen and into all our members’ homes.


In an arrangement with Fulcrum Media Finance, the Fund provides access to pre-sale advance loans for film and TV productions across Australia and New Zealand. Originally launched as a $30 million revolving loan in 2010, the investment was doubled to $60 million in 2015 to meet funding demand. Following Cbus’ merger with Media Super in April 2022, support continued with the limit increased to $80 million.


Some of the recent productions that we have supported include Limbo – Mystery Road, Beep and Mort (Series 2), Aunty Donna’s Coffee Café, Bump (Series 3), Bill Bailey’s Wild West Australia, Space Nova (Series 2), Speedway, Surviving Summer (Series 2), The First Inventors, The Newsreader (Series 2) and Year Of.


Learn more about our investments in members' industries (PDF).

Investing across Australia

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We have a history of investing back into our communities – supporting industries that are important to our members and creating better retirement outcomes. By investing on our members’ behalf, we’re a provider of significant capital to businesses around Australia. This funding can help strengthen the Australian economy and may generate higher returns for our members.


Our strong contribution to the Australian economy includes investments in high quality commercial and residential property developments, neighbourhood and regional shopping centres as well as high quality long-term infrastructure assets such as toll roads and airports.

Jandakot Airport 

A recent example is Jandakot Airport in Western Australia. In 2022, the Fund, investing alongside leading integrated real estate group, Dexus, acquired a 33.3% stake in the Jandakot joint venture. The Jandakot joint venture holds a 100% interest in the Jandakot general aviation airport, existing industrial properties and developable land in Perth, Western Australia. When the development of the industrial land is complete, the property will provide over 700,000m2 of high quality industrial and logistics accommodation.


Learn more about our investments across Australia (PDF).

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