Annual Members' Meeting

Monday 27 November 2023 at 6pm AEDT

What's on?

Hear from the leaders of your super fund about our achievements over the last year.

At this year’s meeting you’ll get an update on your fund including:

  • How your super’s performed over the last year
  • How we’re investing your super for the long term
  • Our strategy to face challenges and grow

You can also ask us a question at the meeting or when you register below.  Any questions that can’t be answered during the session will be addressed on this page in the weeks following the meeting.

A record of the meeting will also be available after the event.

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This meeting will be held online.
Monday 27 November 2023 at 6pm AEDT
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Join us beforehand for a retirement webinar

You’ll receive a link for this option together with the Annual Members' Meeting link in your event confirmation email.

What we'll cover in the retirement webinar

Join us for a retirement webinar that covers how to get the most out of your super in retirement, including:

  • How much is enough?
  • Understanding the tax effectiveness of contributions
  • Your investment options
  • Getting access to super in retirement
  • Combining super and the Age Pension
  • How to get help from Cbus Super

When: Thursday 27 November
Time: 5.00pm – 5.45pm AEDT (before the Annual Members’ Meeting)

A webinar link will be included with your event confirmation email.

Additional information

Alongside your invitation to the meeting, we are required under superannuation regulations to provide the following additional information.

Summary of payments made by the fund

The following table provides a summary of remuneration and certain payments made by the fund from 1 July 2022 to 30 June 2023.

Expense category Amount
Aggregate remuneration expenditure $2,949,309
Aggregate promotion, marketing and sponsorship expenditure $26,439,668
Aggregate political donations $0
Aggregate industrial body payments $2,959,662
Aggregate related party payments

Note that the aggregate industrial body payments and related party payments differ non-materially to the totals published in the Annual Members’ Meeting Notice due to finalisation of our financial records.

Some payments are required by superannuation regulations to be disclosed in more than one category. More information about each category is listed below.


Remuneration includes the salary for the CEO, as well as fees for directors. More detail is available on our website and in our Annual Integrated Report.

Promotion, marketing and sponsorship

Promotion, marketing and sponsorship includes expenses where a purpose of each payment was to promote or market Cbus Super or relates to our sponsorship and partnership arrangements. This helps to grow our fund and increase scale, which means lower fees for members. 

Donations to political organisations

 Cbus Super does not make political donations.

Payments to industrial bodies

Payments to industry bodies includes partnership arrangements – which may include advertising, marketing and education services – to help grow our fund. More detail is available in our Annual Integrated Report

Payments to related parties

Payments to related parties includes payments made to related entities for business operations, or for services from an organisation in which we also invest, or when a director is an employee or a director of an organisation which provides services to us. Payments also include promotional and marketing services, directors’ fees and board committee fees. More detail on payments to related parties is available in our Annual Integrated Report.


Please note: further information about the expenses in the above table including: promotional, marketing or sponsorship expenditure; payments to industry bodies and related party payments will be made available on this page from early November 2023.

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