Our investment spotlight hub showcases some of the ways in which we invest your super

As one of Australia's leading industry funds, we have history of investing back into our community – supporting industries that are important to our members and creating better retirement outcomes.
We have a range of diversified investment options for you to choose from and we invest across a range of different asset classes including property, infrastructure, listed shares, fixed interest, cash and private equity. 

Investment Spotlight

Delivering healthy returns in a challenging environment

Hear from our Chief Investment Officer, Brett Chatfield for an update on how we performed over the 2022/2023 financial year.


Navigating through all investment market conditions

Our Chief Investment Officer, Brett Chatfield explains what is currently happening in markets.

How do we deliver strong long term returns?

Our Chief Executive Officer, Kristian Fok explains how we deliver strong long term returns for our members. 

Our investments in social and affordable housing

Our Head of Debt and Alternatives, Linda Cunningham explains our investments in social and affordable housing.

Changing investment options

It is important to consider the potential future impact of making a change based on short term share market volatility.