Cbus signs up to Australian Asset Owner Stewardship Code

15 October 2018


Cbus has strengthened its commitment to responsible investment by signing up to the Australian Council of Superannuation Investors’ Australian Asset Owner Stewardship Code (the Code).

As a signatory, Cbus supports the principles and guidance outlined in the Code designed to promote greater transparency and accountability in how the fund undertakes its stewardship activities.

Cbus Chief Investment Officer, Kristian Fok, said Cbus has a long history of active ownership and the Code is consistent with the fund’s desire to exercise positive influence in the interests of its members.

“Cbus has always taken a position of being transparent and complying with the Code will make it easier for our members to see the stewardship work the Fund is undertaking on their behalf,” said Mr Fok.

“Responsible investment for Cbus means taking environmental, social and governance risks and opportunities into account in the investment decision making process, exercising positive influence through our investments and the way the Fund operates.  Our approach supports the delivery of strong returns to members.”

“Signing up to the Code means our members can have confidence in our stewardship practices that we undertake on their behalf to strengthen our long-term growth and their retirement outcomes.”

“Our stewardship activities include engaging with companies directly, collaboratively and through service providers, voting at company meetings, advocacy and considering the stewardship capabilities of our external managers and their advocacy. This allows us to communicate our interests, enhance long-term value creation, and minimise risk.”

“Cbus has a history of delivering strong long term returns to members, including a 9.29% return over the 34 years since the Fund’s inception. Those returns are underpinned by a strategy that assesses how investment decisions of the Fund will improve long term returns to members. Our responsible investment strategies and active ownership are integral to that approach,” said Mr Fok.

Cbus has published its Stewardship Statement which outlines how Cbus protects and enhances long-term investment value on behalf of our members, through our stewardship activities.


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