How to make a TPD claim 

Being unable to work due to illness or injury can be overwhelming. Even if you don't have TPD insurance cover, you might be able to access your super if you are permanently incapacitated. 

7 steps to make your TPD claim

The steps below have been designed to help you understand the TPD claims process. There will be times when we will require you to provide certain documents and additional information. We will let you know when that is necessary. 

1. Contact us

Preparing a claim can be both complicated and emotionally draining. Our aim is to provide you with support and guidance throughout the process.

To begin, please phone cbus super on 1300 722 152 to determine if you can make a claim.

Understanding your circumstances is our priority, and we are here to discuss your claim options. So that you are organised for the conversation, it would be helpful if you could prepare the following:

  • Information about your illness or injury
  • Your last employer’s contact details
  • Details of when you stopped working

After we’ve gathered your relevant information, it will be passed to the claims team. Their role is to contact you and guide you through the claims process.


Do you need a lawyer?

That decision is yours to make but some cases are straightforward and legal assistance may be an unnecessary expense.

All claims are assessed fairly and reasonably on their merits and most claims are paid. Having a lawyer does not impact timeframes or payment amounts. 

If you decide to use a lawyer, you will need to complete a Third-Party Authority form allowing them to act on your behalf. We can provide you with this form.

2. Prepare your application

Provide relevant claim information

You will receive a letter with claim requirements and forms via post or email. If the forms are emailed, please print them out.

To assess your claim, you will need to provide all the necessary information.

Below is a checklist to get your paperwork organised:

  • Complete a claim form
  • Sign a form granting the insurer access to necessary information, such as your medical records
  • Proof of age and identification
  • Your doctor will need to complete a form about your condition and provide relevant medical reports, test results, or supporting evidence


It could take time for your doctor to complete the form, so you might need to schedule an appointment to see them. We recommend contacting your doctor first to understand their requirements.

Please note your doctor might charge an additional fee for completing the form, which will be your responsibility to cover.

For any questions about claim forms or providing information, contact Cbus Super on 1300 722 152 and ask to be transferred to the claims teams.

3. Send your application

Double-check everything and then send it

Dealing with paperwork can be tiring, but it's necessary to get your claim assessed. We recommend submitting all the required information at once to save you time.

Here’s what you need to do:

  • Collect all the documents mentioned in our letter, such as proof of age and identification
  • Fill out and sign any required forms
  • Make sure your doctor’s form is fully completed and signed

When you have everything ready, please scan and email or post your completed forms to our claims team.


Postal address: Cbus Insurance, Locked bag 5056, Parramatta NSW 2124

4. Your claim is assessed

The insurer now assesses your claim

Once we receive all the requested documents, we will pass your claim to the insurer. The insurer will then aim to carefully assess your claim. If needed, they will call you to request any additional information.

This might include asking for more information directly from you, your doctors or your previous employer. The insurer will work towards keeping you updated on your claim.

In some cases, the insurer might request you review the information provided to assess the claim. You can also provide any additional evidence to support your claim.

During the claim assessment, the insurer will be your point of contact. If you have any questions or need assistance, please call them for support.

5. The insurer decides then we review

Your claim is now being assessed

Using the information you provided, the insurer will assess your claim according to the TPD definition in the insurance policy. 

The insurer will inform Cbus Super of their decision to accept, defer, or decline your claim.

Understandably, waiting for a claim decision can be an anxious time. Please contact the insurer if you have any questions or want to discuss your claim.

6. The final decision

We will inform you of the decision

After the insurer makes its decision, Cbus Super reviews the claim to make sure the decision is a fair and reasonable outcome. This review is aligned with the required definitions and conditions set out in our insurance policies, trust deed and super laws.

When the review process has been completed, we will send you a letter by post or email to inform you of the outcome. The contents of the letter will explain whether your claim has been accepted, deferred or declined and what you need to do next.

If your claim is denied, you might qualify for a permanent incapacity payment. We will let you know about any options that may apply to you. Should you have any concerns or disagreements with the outcome, you can request a review.

We are here to address any issues and discuss the next steps with you. Here is what each decision means:


  • If your claim is approved, the insurance payment will be deposited into your super account.


  • The insurer might delay your claim to fully evaluate the full extent of your disability and assess potential improvement through treatment or surgery. The insurer will reassess your claim at a later date.


  • If we agree with the insurer's decision to deny your claim, we'll send you a letter by post or email explaining why.

7. Receiving a payment

Your claim will be paid

If the insurer approves your claim, and we agree, the insurance payment will be deposited into your super account. We will send you a confirmation letter by post or email asking for your preferred payment method, which might require additional proof of identification from you.

When approved, you have four choices for the insurance payment:

  • Deposit the total amount into your bank account
  • Receive the total amount by cheque
  • Keep some or all of the payment in your Cbus Super account
  • Transfer some or all of the payment to another approved super fund

You can choose how this payment is made, but we recommend that you seek financial advice to find the best option for your circumstances. Depending on your age, an additional medical certificate might be required to reduce the amount of tax deducted when payment is released.

We will let know if this is needed when your claim is approved.

Additional information

Find below additional comprehensive and information to help you better understand the claims process.

Applying for TPD payments
In 2022/2023 Cbus accepted
claims for our members and their families.
In 2022/2023 Cbus paid out
in benefits to our members and their families.

Contact us

Navigating the claims process can be difficult, but we
aim to help you.

For any questions or information you need, contact the Cbus Super claims department:

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