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We support a positive and inclusive work culture, providing a supportive and friendly environment to help grow your career.

Why work for us?

Every day, we're inspired by our passionate people and their contribution to making a difference. Our success lies in the talent and capability of our people, and our ability to work collaboratively.

Our onboarding and induction program has been recognised by the Australian Institute of Training and Development (AITD). We continue to refine this program as our ways of working change. Our induction is very interactive enabling our new team members to meet with a number of senior leaders (including our CEO), while building their network and knowledge of the organisation.

At Cbus we are proud of how we embrace the spirit of our industry and membership. Our members and employers are at the heart of everything that we do.

Hear from our staff about the benefits of working at Cbus by watching the video below.

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Diversity and inclusion at Cbus

Diversity is important to us

Diversity and inclusion at Cbus is about valuing and respecting all employees and acknowledging the diverse skills and perspectives every individual brings to the workplace.

We believe that inclusion of the diversity that our employees bring to Cbus will support the organisation in achieving our vision and the best outcomes for our members.

We aim to ensure that all employees have equal access to opportunities available at work and are equitably rewarded and recognised for their important contributions.

Workplace Gender Equality 

We were thrilled to be recognised as a WGEA Employer of Choice for Gender Equality (EOCGE) for 2019-2021.

Cbus is a proud holder of the WGEA Employer of Choice for Gender Equality (EOCGE) citation for the fourth consecutive year. We are one of 136 organisations in Australia who have achieved this citation.

The WGEA citation commenced in 2014 and is a leading practise recognition program that aims to encourage and recognise organisations who have shown their commitment and best practise in promoting gender equality. This citation is aligned with the Workplace Gender Equality Act 2012, but recognition as a WGEA employer of choice requires going beyond compliance with the legislation.

WGEA Director, Libby Lyons, stated that this citation is recognised as a rigorous guide for employers to implement leading-practice initiatives to achieve gender equality in their workplaces, and by driving better gender equality outcomes in their workplaces, these EOCGE citation holders are setting a fine example in showing the way forward for other Australian businesses.1


[1] Libby Lyons, WGEA Director, Media Release; 24 February 2021; 2020 leaders in workplace gender equality announced.

WGEA initiatives 

In 2021, for the eighth year in a row, Cbus has reported to the Women’s Gender Equality Agency (WGEA).

Some of our Gender Equality initiatives include:

  • A gender pay gap action plan focused on reducing our pay gap to 0%. Our current gender pay gap is 14.8% which is 0.8% lower than last year and is substantially lower than the current gender pay gap across Australia (20.1%).
  • Our CEO and Chief Investment Officer are members of the Champions of Change Coalition. The Champions of Change Coalition is a globally recognised, innovative strategy for achieving gender equality, advancing more and diverse women in leadership, and building respectful and inclusive workplaces. In the strategy, men of power and influence step up beside women leaders. As part of this Coalition members commit to making change on gender equality issues in their organisations and communities.
  • We continue to be committed to providing genuine flexible working options to support employees in managing their work and lives in a way that is best suited to them and their situation. In our last employee engagement survey over 80% of employees indicated that they have the flexibility they need to manage their work and other commitments, and that they are genuinely supported if they choose to make use of flexible working arrangements.
  • We continue to partner with Grace Papers to give our people access to workshops and information around flexibility, parenting and caring. This includes access to coaches to help support the navigation of work and parenthood.
  • After 12 months of service all employees are entitled to 16 weeks of paid parental leave. This is pro rated for individuals who have been at Cbus for at least 6 months. This leave is gender neutral and over the last 12 months substantially more males have accessed parental leave than females.
  • We participate in Future IM/Pact, an industry initiative aimed at attracting more diverse talent into the Investment teams of Australia’s leading super funds and fund managers. The initial focus is on reaching women because their perspectives are most under-represented in Investments teams. This year as part of Future IM/Pact Cbus have provided coaching and feedback at university investments competitions, hosted all female university student round tables and hosted two female interns.
  • We continue in our commitment to support employees who are experiencing family and domestic violence related concerns by providing a supportive framework and environment. There are many components to this support including special leave, emergency accommodation and furniture removal support, and advanced pay loan if required

See our WGEA report for 2021 in further reading below for more specific information regarding these initiatives.

We are required to publish this report under the requirements of the Workplace Gender Equality Act 2012 (‘the WGE Act’).  The report covers the period 1 April 2020 to 31 March 2021.