Super for your employees

Fast and simple super payments online

We make it easy to keep up-to-date when new employees start at your business, and others leave.

You can add, remove and update employee details at any time, using Employer SuperSite or Cbus Clearing House

If a new employee is already a Cbus member, simply add them to the system.

If a new employee is not a Cbus member, they can join Cbus online or by completing the membership application form in the Cbus Member Handbook (PDF).

Access employee member details

You can access your employee member details by calling Cbus on 1300 361 784.

Making super contribution payments

Employer superannuation contributions are due and payable on the first business day of every month. So super payments for March are due on the first business day in April.

Regular payment of employee super can assist you with business cash flow. It helps your employees get more out of their super and maintains their Cbus insurance cover.

Paying monthly may also help position you as an industry employer of choice.

Member personal contributions are required to be paid within 28 days of the end of the month from when they were deducted from the employee's salary.

When do I make contribution payments?

Payment of your super contributions are due to Cbus by the first day of the following month. For example, you would pay contributions for the month of January by Wednesday 1 February.

Contribution payment start and end dates and payment due dates for each month are shown below.

2017 monthly payment periods 2017 payment due dates
1 - 31 January 1 February
1 - 28 February 1  March
1 - 31 March 1 April
1 - 30 April 1 May
1 - 31 May 1 June
1 - 30 June 1 July
1 - 31 July 1 August
1 -31 August 1 September
1 - 30 September 1 October
1 - 31 October 1 November
1 - 30 November 1 December
1 - 31 December 1 January 2018

Employer SuperSite

When you register online with Cbus, you’ll automatically be given access to your Employer SuperSite account. This online account and payment facility is ideal for employers with less than 20 employees. 

Employer SuperSite allows you to:

  • lodge your contribution returns
  • make payments using BPAY®, Direct Debit or Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT)
  • access and update your records, including employee details
  • access your full transaction history.

For more information, read our SuperSite for employers handbook (PDF).

Read more about SuperStream legislation.

Employer SuperSite payment methods


You can make payments through your bank or credit union from your nominated account (excluding credit card accounts). Simply quote our BPAY Biller Code together with the reference number printed on each month’s online Contribution Return form. 



You can make contributions via EFT (Electronic Funds Transfer). To register for EFT call us on 1300 361 784. Or, if you're using Cbus Clearing House you can complete this step online.


Direct Debit

To pay by direct debit you’ll need to register for one of our online payment facilities. Once logged in, both payment systems allow you to securely add this information.

Register for Employer SuperSite

Before you can log in, you'll need to register your details. It's quick and easy.

Register for a password

How do I log in to Employer SuperSite?

Once you’ve registered, log in via the link below, or go to Employer login at the top right corner of our website.

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Cbus Clearing House

No matter how many people you employ, the Cbus Clearing House makes it fast and easy to pay employee super. It’s SuperStream approved and completely secure. 

You can pay your employee super into multiple funds with just one single data file and payment. Cbus will distribute employee super payments to all funds on your behalf.

Detailed tracking and reporting options are also available, and at any time you can login to the Cbus Clearing House to confirm when super payments have been made to the relevant super funds.

The Cbus Clearing House is a free service for registered Cbus employers, and it’s easy to register online. 

View the Cbus Clearing House video

Register for Cbus Clearing House

Before you can log in, you need to register your details.

Register for a password

How do I log in to Cbus Clearing House?

Once you’ve registered, log in via the link below, or go to Employer login at the top right corner of our website.

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Cbus Clearing House Payment Options


Pay super contributions using your online banking site. EFT payments are processed within one business day.

  1. Enter your contributions.
  2. Check the total payment amount.
  3. Submit the file for processing on your scheduled date.
  4. Use the Cbus Clearing House BSB and Account Number and your Clearing House reference number to pay directly through your online banking portal.


Direct debit

After you’ve submitted and approved each contribution amount, super contributions will be debited from your nominated account.

  1. Enter your contributions.
  2. Check the total amount then submit the file for processing on your chosen date.
  3. Authorise the payment by ticking the relevant box.
  4. Cbus Clearing House will debit your nominated account on the scheduled date.

Payment clearance may take up to eight business days. Following clearance, Cbus Clearing House will make payments and send remittance advice to each fund.

Further reading

You can read more about employer payment options by clicking on the links below.

Salary sacrifice

Cbus can assist you in arranging to pay salary sacrifice contributions into your employee’s super fund. This can mean worthwhile tax savings for your employee.

Your employee agrees to ‘sacrifice’ a part of their before-tax pay, in exchange for an equal super contribution made by you directly into their Cbus account.

If an employee is eligible for salary sacrifice, they can complete a Salary sacrifice contributions form (PDF). This form will need to be returned to you, their employer.

Build a super future for your business with Cbus

Together we’ll plan a superannuation transition that works for you, and your employees.

If you have any questions or want to learn more about what we can offer your business, we’re here to help.

Call 1300 361 784 (within Australia) 8am to 8pm Monday to Friday AEST/AEDT or email us