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A Super Income Stream (SIS) lets you take all the super you’ve worked hard to save, using it as a regular income stream. It offers flexible options to suit your lifestyle, such as choosing how much to withdraw, when and how often.

How it works

A super income stream provides you with a reliable source of income from your super, providing peace of mind in retirement.

What it does

Withdraw funds when you need, while keeping the remaining balance invested.

Cbus SIS features



Fully retired members can make additional withdrawals when they want and change the amount and frequency of payments any time.


Investment options

A variety of investment options to suit you.



No tax for fully retired members 60 and over, reduced tax for TTR members.

What you need to know

The Super Income Stream Product Disclosure Statement (PDS) contains important information. It’s a large document, so we’ve summarised each section of the PDS below to help you understand it. You should read the full document before applying for a super income stream.

1 Getting started

Preparing for retirement is an essential step in securing your financial future:

  • If you’re ready for retirement
  • How much you could spend in retirement
  • How much super you need
  • How a Cbus Super Income Stream could help

2 Setting up your SIS account

There are several choices to make when setting up your SIS:

  • The amount transferred into your SIS
  • How to invest your SIS
  • What happens to your SIS when you die
  • The amount you want to be paid
  • How your payments and fees are deducted

3 Choosing your income stream

With two income stream options, you can customise your retirement plans:

  • Transition to Retirement
    Generally if you’ve reached preservation age, are under 65 and still want to work
  • Fully Retired
    If you’ve stopped working or are aged 65+

4 Investing your account

Choose from a range of investment options that will suit you and your retirement goals.

Find out about investment risk, asset classes and how Cbus invests your super and the options available. 

You don’t have to choose:

  • If you don’t decide, Cbus will automatically invest your account in the default option, Conservative Growth
  • The Conservative Growth option is designed to suit most members. It aims to balance the need for consistent returns to provide an adequate income, focusing on reducing short-term ups and downs in performance

5 Nominating beneficiaries

Make sure your super goes to those who matter most:

  • Four types of beneficiaries
  • Those classified as dependants
  • Tax treatment of benefits paid
  • What happens if you don’t nominate a beneficiary

6 Fees and other costs

It's important to review all fees and costs related to an income stream:

  • Administration fees
  • Investment fees and costs
  • Transaction costs

7 Tax

Investing in an income stream can have tax benefits, but speak to a financial adviser about your situation:

  • No tax is generally payable on investment earnings if you’re a Fully Retired member
  • Investment earnings are concessionally taxed at up to 15% if you’re a Transition to Retirement member
  • No tax is payable on regular or lump sum payments to members 60 years and over

8 How to apply

Read the PDS, have your ID ready and then complete the application form.

The PDS provides more detail on these sections, so you can make an informed decision about your retirement.


Have your identification ready.

There are several ways you can prove your identity. See each method or read the Proof of Identity section of the PDS.

Electronic ID (Green ID)

This is the easiest option and requires both of the following:

  • Medicare card
  • Australian driver’s licence or passport

Email or Post

In addition to a driver’s licence or passport you will need:

  1. Bank statement of the account your income stream will be paid into (from past 3 months)
  2. One from the following:
  • Phone, electricity, gas or water bill (from past 3 months
  • Council rates or Australian Taxation Office notice (from past 12 months)
  • Birth certificate/extract, citizenship certificate or pension card

You don’t need to do this on your own

Cbus offers advice to help set up your account, as part of your membership, at no extra cost.

Contact Advice Services

Why choose Cbus SIS


Run only to benefit members

We're an industry fund, so all the benefits go straight back to you.


We invest in the industry

Through our wholly-owned entity, Cbus Property.


Flexible investment options

With a history of strong, long term performance.


Value for money

We offer competitive fees.


Access to advice

Dedicated advice team offering support that's in your best interests.


Award-winning SIS

Make the most out of retirement.

An award-winning fund in retirement

We’re one of Australia’s top performing industry super funds, with strong returns over the long term and competitive fees.

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