Cbus has taken a stake in UK ports group Forth Ports

Cbus has made its first direct international infrastructure investment alongside other like-minded pension fund partners.

Forth Ports is a UK-based commercial port owner and operator, with eight sites across the UK. These ports service London, Edinburgh and Glasgow.

The port investment has many characteristics that make it an attractive investment for Cbus including:

  • Freehold property and strong market position which supports the long-term value.
  • Diversified stable cash flow that has demonstrated the business can sustain periodic downturns without material impacts.
  • Growth that provides a platform for expansion.
  • Aligned partners to deliver on Cbus’ responsible investment priorities and access opportunities.
  • Portfolio diversification that enhances the resilience of the infrastructure exposure.

Forth Ports’ management have a strong position on ESG with Forth recently achieving a 5-star rating from GRESB.  They have also identified how Forth contributes to achieving the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

Cbus is a long-term investor and we believe infrastructure assets, such as Forth Ports, are aligned with the fund’s long-term outlook.

You can read the media release for more information.

Image: Forth Ports, Port of Grangemouth.