Better standards for insurance in super

Our plan for adopting the Insurance in Superannuation Voluntary Code of Practice

What’s the code and why do we need it?

The Insurance in Superannuation Voluntary Code of Practice was created to help ensure the cover you can get through your super is affordable and suits your needs.

While some funds – like Cbus – are doing well on this front, having a code will help make things more consistent and raise standards across the industry.

Super funds have until 30 June 2021 to fully comply.

What will it mean for you?

We’re always looking to improve the cover you’re offered through your super and how insurance benefits are paid to you. That’s why we’ve been actively involved in developing the code with your best interests in mind.

The code recognises the value of insurance for members and will:

  • make it easier for you to understand automatic life cover and opt out if it’s not right for you
  • help you identify and cancel any insurance policies you don’t need
  • simplify communications about your cover and options
  • ensure timely help and faster processing if you need to make a claim.

We already meet many code requirements

We understand the needs of our members working in the building, construction and allied industries, and have built affordable insurance to suit these unique conditions. This means we already meet the overall intent of the code and many of its requirements.

And from 1 July 2018 when the code started, we’ve been working towards meeting the rest.

We’ll fully comply as soon as we can

Having worked on the code since the beginning, we’re keen to meet all requirements as soon as we can and seeing the rest of the industry do the same.

But the Federal Parliament is currently considering new laws, which may impact insurance in super and require major changes. We don’t know yet if these laws will be passed, what changes may be needed or how they may affect the code.

Once we know more about the new laws and their impact, we can be more specific about when we’ll comply with key code changes. But for now we can say that we’ll meet the following timelines:

  • benefit design and premiums – June 2021
  • when cover stops and restarts (automatic cessation of cover and reinstatement) – June 2021
  • the rest of the code – June 2021.

While you don’t need to do anything, it’s important to remember that you can apply to increase, reduce or cancel your insurance cover at any time. If you need some help choosing the best cover for you, call our Advice Team on 1300 361 784.

We’ll continue our work to fully adopt the code and report on how we meet its standards before it takes effect in June 2021.

We’ll keep you posted

Check our website and Cbus News for regular updates as we deliver key components of the code.

If you have any questions in the meantime, you can read the code or contact us.