Get set for a better online experience 

We’ve refreshed your online experience with Cbus! We have launched an updated Cbus super online account and mobile app and a new streamlined online join process.

Important information regarding an upgrade to our online tools

Your updated Cbus super online account now includes a fresh new design, more tools to help you manage your super and increased security.

On Monday 3 June 2019, members will be able to:


If you are an existing member already registered for online access

When the new online experience is launched on 3 June 2019, existing Cbus members who are registered for online access will need to either reset their password or re-register for online access.

When to set a new password for online access?

If Cbus has your current mobile number, you will be able to follow the pop up prompt to reset your password and you will be sent a one-time passcode which will enable you to reset your password.

If Cbus does not have your current or valid mobile number you will need to call 1300 361 784 to update your mobile number. You will then be able to follow the prompts and reset your password to access your online account.

When to re-register for online access?

On the off chance you never provided a mobile number to Cbus or it is incorrect or out of date, you are able to re-register for your Cbus super online  account by following the prompts where we will match you to our records based on the information you provide.

If you don’t currently have online access you can register for an online account from Monday 3 June 2019.

Cbus app upgrade

We have also updated the Cbus mobile app.  You can update your app by going to the app store (IOS) or Google Play (Android).

Improvements include:

  • new and improved look and feel 
  • new navigation bar that allows members to easily toggle between Home, Transactions, Insurance, Investments and more
  • increased two-factor authentication, making your account more secure
  • quickly and easily log in across devices using facial, fingerprint or PIN recognition. 

If you don’t upgrade your app you won’t be able to log in, so you need to either change your settings and approve an app update OR delete the app and download again from the IOS or Android store.

1. I tried to log in to my member online account and my old password is not working.

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After the 3 June 2019 we launched our new online account. This means you will need to reset your password. Follow the prompts from the pop up to reset your password which will include you receiving a text message that will contain a one-time passcode on your mobile. 


If your mobile number is entered incorrectly with Cbus or is out of date you will need to call us on 1300 361 784 to update your mobile number so that you can receive your one-time passcode to reset your password.

2. I tried to reset my password and I did not receive a one-time passcode on my mobile.

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This means we do not have your correct mobile number as it could be out of date or has been entered incorrectly on your Cbus records. Give us a call on 1300 361 784 to update your mobile number so that you are able to successfully reset your password.


In the unlikely event that a mobile number was never provided you can re-register for your online account where you will be asked to provide your member number, name, date of birth and postcode so that we can match you to our records. You may also be asked for your TFN and ATO consent if you have not previously provided them.

3. How do I get into the app?

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If you don’t upgrade your app you won’t be able to log in, so you either need to change your settings and approve an app update OR delete the app and download it again from the store.


  1. If you are registered for an online account and have also downloaded the app and you click to update it, you will just have to reset your password to get in (provided your mobile number is correct in your registration). This is both for super income stream accounts and regular online accounts.
  2. If you are registered for an online account and download the new app, you just have to set a password (provided your mobile number is correct in your registration).
  3. If you download the app and are not registered for an online account or you don’t have a mobile number that is valid then you must register for online access.

4. I was not registered before the new online experience was launched. How do I register?

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You will just need to click on 'Register' and will be asked for your details.

5. My account will not accept my new password.

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As part of our security upgrade, we have some new password rules. Your new password must:


  • be at least eight characters long and contain both uppercase and lowercase letters and at least one number. 
  • not be a password you have used before.

6. How do I access my two different accounts through the new app?

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You will be given a choice of which account to open once you open the app.


Select the account you want to open and you will then be directed to log in to that specific account. You will need to know your member number and password for each account. 


It will also remember your selection for next time, however you can easily move between accounts using the ‘More Menu’ button on the bottom navigation bar.

7. Will members with both a regular online account and a super income stream online account still have linked accounts (where you only log in once)?

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No, you will no longer be able to switch between the two accounts within the portal or app. These two accounts will need to be accessed separately. However, you can move between accounts using the 'More Menu'.

8. What happens if I lose my password and I have a regular and super income stream online account?

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Since you log in to your accounts separately, if you have forgotten one password, but not the other you will still be able to access the other account. You will need to reset the password for the account you have forgotten the password for. 

9. Is there a way of finding out the self-contributions for 'last financial year'?

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The Cbus online account does not display previous financial year data in this format.


The online account dashboard page has a section titled ‘Adding to your super’, which displays information for the current financial year and the associated caps for before tax contributions (employer + Salary Sacrifice) and after-tax contributions (personal contributions).


Call 1300 361 784 for more information.

10. I am not able to join Cbus online.

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In order to deliver an easier online joining process, we have had to go offline between Friday 31 May and Monday 3 June 2019. We will be up and running on Monday 3 June 2019 and you will be able to join then.

11. I am not able to start the registration process.

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So that we can deliver your new online experience, we will have to go offline for a few days which will mean you will not be able to register for your online account until our new experience is up and running on Monday 3 June 2019.

12. Is it possible to print my statement/balance quote to take to Centrelink?

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Not at this stage, however we are continually looking at ways to upgrade our online experience.