Cbus Property update - Building for the future


While the technology to deliver this is not available right now, developers like Cbus Property* are leading the way in green building design.

In large scale developments like Collins Arch in Melbourne, work spaces are being created to enhance the wellness of the people who will work there. Examples include improved energy consumption through reduced air flow and lighting sensors that determine when spaces are not being used and incorporating greenery as part of an urban forestry strategy to reduce the heat island impact that occurs in large cities. These are important aspects of green building design. It’s also about future-proofing buildings to enable retrofitting as technology changes such as converting traditional plant rooms into battery storage.

Cbus will own many of these finished buildings as longer-term assets. Developing buildings with WELL ratings, functional and flexible work place spaces and human-centric design will help us attract the best tenants over the entire lifecycle of the building and in turn maximise returns for members.

*Cbus Property Pty Ltd is a wholly-owned subsidiary of United Super Pty Ltd and has responsibility for the strategic performance and management of Cbus direct property developments and investments.