Ensure your staff have updated their beneficiaries

Most people think their super automatically becomes part of their estate when they die. But it doesn’t – Cbus has to follow super and tax laws to decide who is eligible to receive the super and any insurance payments (i.e. your beneficiaries).


Without a binding nomination, Cbus will determine who the money goes to and in what percentages, based on who the member’s dependants are and who they would expect to receive their ongoing financial support at the date of their death. If the member doesn’t have any dependants, Cbus may pay their super to their Legal Personal Representative.

So your employees can have peace of mind it is a great idea to let them know or remind them they can choose who their benefits will go to when they die.

Our More About Insurance section is a great resource for your employees to learn more about nominating beneficiaries.

To get them started below are some key things they will need to think about.

Who can they nominate?

The two types of beneficiaries you can nominate are:

  • Dependants (Spouse, Children, Financial dependant or Interdependent)
  • Legal Personal Representative
What your employees need to do

To make a binding nomination, your employees’ can download a form by logging into Member Online or call us on 1300361784 for a copy.