Cbus Investment Spotlight 

 Social and affordable housing

As Australia’s leading super fund for the build environment, we invest in projects and businesses that are important to our members.
The National Housing Finance and Investment Corporation (NHFIC) acts as Affordable Housing Aggregator (AHBA) and provides low-cost, longer term loans to registered community housing providers (CHPs) to support the provision of more social and affordable housing.
To date, Cbus has successfully invested just under $150 million into the bond issuance from the NHFIC and NHFIC has raised over $3 billion to support these projects. This has led to the construction of over 7,000 new social and affordable homes as well as supported the economy through job creation in the building and construction industry.
Linda Cunningham is the Head of Debt and Alternatives at Cbus Super, and one of the leading experts in this type of investing. Watch our video to learn more.


Additional resources
In November Cbus announced half a billion dollars to support the Housing Australia Future Fund to support the National Housing Accord. See related articles below.