Fearless Girl to take a stand for equality in Australia

Cbus and partners HESTA and Maurice Blackburn bring iconic statue to Australia in the fight for equality and diversity

February 2019: She faced off against the Charging Bull on Wall Street and Fearless Girl is now coming to Australia to stand tall in Melbourne’s CBD as a globally recognised symbol of the fight for gender equality.

Ahead of International Women’s Day on 8 March, Fearless Girl will take her place in Federation Square.

Maurice Blackburn CEO Jacob Varghese said Fearless Girl will serve as a powerful reminder that Australia still has a long way to go in the fight for gender equality.

“We are proud to be bringing Fearless Girl to Australia, globally she has served as an inspiring force for change to deliver equality,” Mr Varghese said.

“Fearless Girl will be a reminder to Australian workplaces that we must keep up the fight for gender equality – delivering equality changes our workplaces for the better and we must act on this now for future generations of women, including by tackling entrenched pay gaps, increasing the number of women in leadership positions and providing flexible work environments.”

HESTA CEO Debby Blakey said Fearless Girl is a celebration of the spirit of women who have inspired and lead change and of the enormous potential still to be realised from achieving genuine equality.

“Having the iconic Fearless Girl in Australia is a wonderful permanent reminder of the daring and courageous pursuit of change that’s needed if we’re to achieve equality and equal pay for the women of Australia now and for generations to come,” Ms Blakey said.

Cbus CEO David Atkin said he hopes Australia’s boardrooms embrace Fearless Girl’s daring and confident spirit.

“While standing silent, and at just a little taller than a metre, Fearless Girl’s call for change has been heard right across the world.

“With all eyes on corporate Australia at the moment, it is the perfect time for her voice to be finding a permanent home in Australia,” Mr Atkin said.

The Fearless Girl statue is one of just four in the world with the iconic statue also in Oslo, New York and South Africa with further statues announced.


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