HI-Vis Women Australia 

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In an industry heavily dominated by males, Hi-Vis Women Australia is an independent social enterprise established in 2017 to promote and celebrate women in the building and construction industry. 

Led by Linda Hamilton, Co-Director of Hi-Vis Women and Managing Director of BuildCraft WA Pty Ltd, Hi-Vis Women deliver a Mentoring Program and have also developed a project centred around an all-female Build. This initiative has been designed to afford opportunities and pathways for women and kids at risk to join an industry that is inclusive, inspiring and invested in the next generation of Hi-Vis Women.

They are currently working with the Shire of Moora to deliver an all-female Build. The aim is to complete an entire building development project, whilst promoting women in construction and showcasing the many different skill sets required to complete a project, from local government, consultants, insurance, accounting, marketing, design to name a few.  This project also assists in challenging current social and cultural bias and showcasing the unique knowledge and skills that are required to do well in the industry. The aim of their Mentoring Program is to provide Hi-Vis Women and Kids at Risk the opportunity to enter the industry and build stronger career pathways, that may not otherwise have been available to them, by working with a strong team of experienced mentors to gain experience across all facets of the industry.

"We are looking to open up more opportunities for Hi-Vis Women to enter the building and construction industry whilst moving away from the notion that Hi-Vis is purely trade related. Hi-Vis Women are from all walks of life and occupations, with over 20 skill sets required on a project before trades actually get to site. These may be roles not traditionally seen as building and construction roles and we want to provide opportunities to those interested in the industry so they can explore all options available to them."

Through their work Hi-Vis Women hope to build a stronger industry, one which embraces and provides greater opportunities for females as builders, trades or any other associated profession associated with the building and construction process whilst also addressing the current skills shortage. Hi-Vis Women are always looking to the industry for new Apprenticeship/Mentorship/Placement opportunities that will benefit both the mentees and the building and construction Industry.1


1 This information has been provided by Hi-Vis Women Australia ABN 55 629 152 576 (HVWA) and relates to products and services offered by them. Cbus does not recommend, endorse or accept any responsibility for the products. For up-to-date information, refer to HVWA’s website.

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